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Biothin™ Organic Bergamot

500 mg

Biothin™ Organic Bergamot


* Available in 30- day supply.
*A unique citrus fruit from southern Italy can help. The traditional use of this fruit by the people in its growing region, supports healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health – which was forgotten for decades.
*With its unique profile of polyphenols and rich supply of antioxidants, Biothin® Bergamot is the ideal way to complement your healthy lifestyle choices. Each 500 mg serving supplies 190 mg of polyphenols and 40 mg of pectin for healthy cholesterol balance, healthy weight management and optimal digestion.

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Columbia Nutritional
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Biothin™ Organic Bergamot


light mustard yellow powder in capsule

Color Variations?:

Can vary by lot

Smells Like:

faint sweet smell

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