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Biothin Bitter Melon and Goldenseal

Biothin Bitter Melon and Goldenseal


* Available in 30-day supply.
*Biothin® Bitter Melon and Goldenseal provides your body with two bitter botanicals that support metabolic health in at least two important ways: It activates your bitter taste receptors (T2Rs) throughout your body, including your small intestine and belly fat, to influence your gut microbiome, weight management, immune and brain health. It turns on your metabolic switch, and tells your cells to burn fat stores (instead of storing fat) for energy through the activation of AMPK.*
*As goldenseal has become a very adulterated material, we use Botanical ID testing to verify the plant species, so you know you’re getting the real ingredient. Additionally, Biothin® Bitter Melon and Goldenseal is standardized to berberine, meaning our product is tested for berberine to verify our label claim.

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Biothin Bitter Melon and Goldenseal


light tan to light brown powder in clear capsule

Color Variations?:

Can vary by lot

Smells Like:

Melted crayon, stale playdough, pure shea butter

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