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Biothin Probiotic 10B CFU

250 mg (10 Billion CFU)

Biothin Probiotic 10B CFU


* Available in 30-day supply.
*Each 250 mg serving of Biothin® Probiotic provides 10 billion CFU of beneficial probiotics from metabolic health supporting Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17™ and is acid- and bile-tolerant for optimal performance.
*Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17™ works by converting dietary carbohydrates to indigestible fibers, called exopolysaccharides (EPS), in your gut.
*Promote healthy abdominal fat storage and minimal white visceral fat. Support healthy, glucose sensitivity and blood glucose levels already in the normal range. Promote healthy weight management and other factors, including body mass index as well as normal waist and hip circumference ratios.

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Biothin Probiotic 10B CFU


white powder in a clear capsule

Color Variations?:

white to off white may have a light pink hue

Smells Like:

little to no smell

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