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Biothin Wildcrafted Apple Extract

600 mg

Biothin Wildcrafted Apple Extract


* Available in 30-day supply.
*Biothin® Wildcrafted Apple Extract contains 600 mg of unripe Apple Fruit Extract per two-capsule serving and is standardized to 360 mg of health-supporting polyphenols – the same dosage used in most of the studies.
*Grown and picked in their native habitat, when the apples are unripe and the polyphenols are at their peak, our “mother” apples grow naturally without the use of pesticides, herbicides, man-made fertilizers or harsh chemicals.
*Our apple fruit extract is carefully extracted using a proprietary gentle extraction process, yielding up to ten times the polyphenol content of any other apple. And the polyphenols remain biologically active throughout the processing – just as they were in the original “mother” apples.
*Aids in Cardiovascular health, healthy blood flow and lipid metabolism. Weight and visceral fat management. Glucose support and many more.

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Biothin Wildcrafted Apple Extract


tan powder clear capsule

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Light to dark shade may vary

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No known smell

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