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Chewable Tart Cherry

Chewable Tart Cherry


* Available in 30-day supply.
* The most popular sour cherry grown in America, the bright red Montmorency tart cherry, contains up to five times more antioxidants than sweet cherry varieties. With its plentiful flavonoids and anthocyanins, the tart cherry has gained a valuable reputation for many aspects of health.
* Here’s what makes our product unique: It is Certified USDA Organic, unlike other products on the market. Is made only from whole-food Montmorency tart cherries from Iowa in the United States (and not a mixture of other cherries). Each chewable tablet is flavored with natural cherry flavor, is lightly sweetened with organic Stevia leaf and doesn’t contain any synthetic flavorings, colorings or artificial sweeteners. Made from the whole fruit (instead of just the skins), each tablet contains 1 g of Freeze-Dried Tart Cherry Powder.

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Chewable Tart Cherry


light reddish tan.brown

Color Variations?:

Can vary by lot

Smells Like:

slight chalky cherry smell

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