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Cod Liver Oil

1,300 mg

Cod Liver Oil


* Available in 30-day supply.
* Different from any other type of fish oil, cod liver oil provides a “total package,” consisting of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA, EPA, DPA as well as naturally occurring vitamins D and A and pro-resolving mediators, or PRMs, for cellular health, a balanced immune response and comfortable movement
* Our Wild Alaskan Cod Liver Oil provides 280 mg of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA and DPA) and 26 mcg of naturally occurring Pro-Resolving Mediators per serving in a convenient capsule form.

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Cod Liver Oil


light-yellow viscous liquid in a clear capsule

Color Variations?:

color and smell will vary by lot

Smells Like:

It may smell of a light lemon/mild fish scent and vary in intensity

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