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Complete Probiotics with 100 Billions CFU

505 mg (100 billion CFU)

Complete Probiotics with 100 Billions CFU


* Available in 30-day supply.
* By nourishing and balancing your healthy microbiome with high-quality probiotics, you help support many key functions in your body – like digestion, absorption of nutrients, immune function, the actions of your genes, cellular health, normal allergic response and mood.
*We received many requests for a higher CFU probiotic for advanced digestive and immune health. Our 100 Billion CFU fits those needs perfectly. For those who desire a higher and stronger CFU probiotic, our delayed release 100 Billion CFU is suitable for long-term, continuous use.

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Complete Probiotics with 100 Billions CFU


off-white powder in clear capsule has a pink hue

Color Variations?:

none known at this time

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